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Strategy and its execution

Strategy is useless without an agile and fast execution by your complete and fully committed organization. But here is the key issue: Did you well communicate and did you well translate your Strategy into executable steps?

This is the most important and partly very complex process of translating a Strategy into action plans on a day-to-day level.
We can help you to do this in a way that will guarantee that your Strategy will finally translate into the targeted results!

Restructuring and Reorganization

Whatever the area of concern (buying or selling a distressed asset, low performance of the organization, cash management, restructuring business units or functions), restructuring is never an isolated activity. Only a holistic approach will allow you to not run your company into difficulties.

We have a strong track record of restructurings and reorganizations and are ready to help you to find the right way through this highly sensitive period for an organization.

Sustainability for profit increase

We advise your organization in driving an increase in profits through sustainability.

We provide you with sustainable science-based growth metrics enabling you to optimize your product portfolio, identify opportunities for market differentiation and product innovation in addition to mitigating business risks sustainably.

Your organization will be advised and provided with sustainable pragmatic growth metrics enabling you to measure and analyze your product portfolio, using a science-based Sustainable Portfolio Management (SPM) methodology as a corner stone. We support your team in designing, implementing and integrating processes anchored in solutions solving society’s big issues.

The methodology has proven itself, been recognized and rewarded by, among others, the WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) and CSR Europe.

We advise you together with our partner Ann Eva.

Risk Management

It has turned out that Internal Audit and Compliance are not enough to manage all risks related to a company.

Significant gaps remain to be tackled and managed.

This means establishing a continuous process of identification and quantification of the risks and installation of active mitigation management in the existing organization.

We are experts in handling this process and making it part of your normal day-to-day management.

Performance Improvement

New technologies, new competitors, substitution, digitalization … the world is changing every day!

A company will only stay sustainably successful, if there is continuous adaptation and improvement. This could mean performance improvement by small adoptions of the business model, but it could also mean that you may have to reinvent yourself in order to stay a strong market player.To create and to keep this momentum of continuous improvement and to not lose track, there are four key elements to focus on:

  1. Excellent translation of your Strategy into the steering of your business and into your management systems
  2. The right Organization and an open Culture
  3. Efficient Processes and Management systems and the willingness to always stay flexible
  4. Continuously challenge what you are doing and how you are doing it.

We are experienced and our holistic Consulting approach will put you in the driver seat and will allow you to bring your company into perfect shape and to stay ahead in competition.

Integrated Reporting

Are you aware of the European Directive on non-financial and diversity disclosure?

If you have “…an average number of employees in excess of 500, in the case of a group on a consolidated basis”, you need to be aware and apply it!

Besides “General Disclosures” and “Diversity Disclosures”, you would have to report on “Five Sustainability Matters”. This sets the scene for the possibly requested next step – Integrated Reporting.

Whereas a lot of companies have already provided Integrated Reports since several years, authorities are working on enforcement. Besides this and fundamentally important, Financial Markets are more and more focused on having Integrated Reports in order to get a full picture of a company and to adjust their financial advice on the future evolution and their investment proposals – including rating on companies.

Don’t miss the train because it could put you in trouble! If you want to keep your access to Financial Markets and don’t want to risk the necessary good relations to authorities, Integrated Reporting is getting a must!

Integrated Reporting is not just a report – it is a process that has to become part of yours organizations daily work. We will help you to implement it in your existing organization while using the existing team and resources and adding only the minimum possible in order to get the best possible output

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